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Got Questions? Want to review or purchase our merchandise? Not sure where to begin? Come by our location in Glenpool and meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We understand that the new laws and regulations can be confusing and we are here to help in an open, friendly and educational atmosphere.


Different ailments need different remedies and our staff is here to provide you with the knowledge on which product will work best for your individual needs. We cover all aspects of marijuana, from how its grown to what it affects, to side effects as well as the proper dosage you need. We invite all questions and want you to be comfortable asking. Let us help you stay informed about products and regulations.


Our cannibis is grown in our own facility and delivered to our location. We specialize in organic soil farming. We grow our own cannibis to ensure patients receve the highest quality product produced under the strictest standards. Our genetics include many Cannabis Cup winning strains from around the world including sativas, indicas and high CBD strains. All products are tested and organically grown in our controlled environment.


Our Tulsa marijuana dispensary offers a full array of marijuana products and accessories. We are your one stop shop for marijuana and whatever else you need related to cannibis. From leafs to edibles, you can be assured that we stock only the highest grade of cannibis and other marijuana products. Your satisfaction is important to us - as well as your well being.

Stop by and see what sets DOCTOR GREEN apart from our competitors. We are here to help!

Doctor Green Medical Marijuana Dispensary

"Deliver the highest quality medicine to our patients with absolute integrity."

Paul Bush president

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